for Haiti Fundraiser

I want to 


I can’t attend,

but I want to donate

Undertaken with gravity and love, I created this fundraiser to raise support and
awareness in response to the latest horrific tragedies and crimes that have befallen the country of Haiti and the Haitian people. Beyond that, this event is also a celebration of Haitian and Haitian American culture, and is held in recognition of its power, beauty, and tenacity.
The fundraiser will be held in support of an organization that is doing important groundwork in Haiti: Hope for Haiti. I am also working to arrange direct payments to Haitian families in need, an element of this initiative that is critically important.
In deciding to do this, I wanted to put my experience as an event organizer and producer, my skills as a creative and digital marketing expert as CEO of the FOLD, and my passion as a member of my community, to work. To join in the efforts being made to aid Haitians in their recovery and regrowth following not only the disastrous and horrific events in the country over the past year, but also over the course of the country’s history.
It is too fucking common that fundraising initiatives are undertaken where only a small percentage of the proceeds generated by the events and campaigns actually end up going to the causes they are claiming to support. This ongoing problem has been devastating for Haiti and for oppressed people across the globe. True transparency and accountability are often difficult to come by in the non-profit sector and fundraising world. As a result, people stop trying. And oppressors take advantage.
In light of this, all donations made to this fundraiser and event – whether they are donations of time, labor, product, financial contribution, ticket purchase, sponsorship, etc. – will be publicly recorded and published online after the event.
Finally, this event marks the beginning of an ongoing effort and event series intended to carefully and effectively direct support and resources directly to Haitians as well as to trustworthy organizations working to build the future of a more healthy, empowered, equitable, and independent Haiti.
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